Emma Bonvecchio


Nature’s beauty and human struggle at Ijen Volcano – Exploring Indonesia

A journey to witness the mesmerizing Blue Fire of Indonesia’s Ijen Volcano unveils a stark paradox. While nature’s beauty astounds, the harsh realities of the miners who enable this spectacle remain hidden in plain sight. Join me on this exploration of the coexistence of mass tourism and strenuous labor in the heart of this unique wonder.

Mount Bromo - Indonesia

Chasing sunrise at Mount Bromo – Exploring Indonesia

Rising before dawn, we eagerly piled into a trusty red Jeep, bound for a sunrise spectacle against the backdrop of Mount Bromo Natural Park. As the sun painted the sky with shades of pink and orange, a neighboring volcano, Semeru, graced us with its billowing smoke. A thrilling Jeep ride and an intimate encounter with a sulfur-scented crater followed.

Jakarta, Indonesia - Street Photography

Jakarta’s real life through street photography – Exploring Indonesia

Embark on a vivid journey through Jakarta’s vibrant streets, where the bustling metropolis unveils a tapestry of contrasts. From towering skyscrapers to heartfelt smiles, we share our experiences capturing Jakarta’s real-life moments. Join me as I delve into the soul of Jakarta, Indonesia.


Floating among clouds: the Story behind Toolbar’s ‘Cotone’ Cover shoot

Journey back to spring 2022, where clouds met creativity in a captivating photoshoot for Toolbar’s “Cotone.” Dive into behind-the-scenes stories, mesmerizing photos, and the unexpected beginnings. Uncover the path that led to this enchanting experience. Discover tips for those embarking on their own careers. Join me in reliving this adventure.