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Jakarta’s real life through street photography – Exploring Indonesia

Embark on a vivid journey through Jakarta’s vibrant streets, where the bustling metropolis unveils a tapestry of contrasts. From towering skyscrapers to heartfelt smiles, we share our experiences capturing Jakarta’s real-life moments. Join me as I delve into the soul of Jakarta, Indonesia.

Jakarta, Indonesia
22 Settembre 2023

Hey everyone,

So, today I ventured out for a walk through the bustling streets of Jakarta, and let me tell you, it’s quite an experience – and not necessarily a recommendable one for folks like me who aren’t exactly big city fans.

I really like to go around the city with my camera, especially when I’m diving into street photography. There’s just something special about it. You know, catching those raw, genuine moments that really capture the spirit of the local folks.

Jakarta is a world of its own, and for a foreigner, it can be a bit overwhelming. The traffic, the noise, the smog – it’s a lot to take in.
But amidst the chaos, there are these beautiful smiles that seem to radiate from almost everyone we encounter.

Special shoutout to Benny, who not only asked for a photo with us (apparently, he’d never seen white people before, lol) but also enthusiastically agreed when I wanted to snap a pic of him.

Jakarta is a city of contrasts. It’s a place where poverty and the struggle of everyday life exist side by side with towering skyscrapers and convoys of cars escorted by the police.

I’ll be sticking around for one more day in this urban jungle before heading to a more rural, greenery-filled area, something closer to the tropical paradise we often imagine when thinking of Indonesia.

Nevertheless, I believe it’s important to understand, and if possible, witness for ourselves that beneath the shadows of these massive metropolises, there are countless individuals, like those in the photos I’ve shared, living their lives.

I hope you enjoyed this little narrative and the photos.

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Catch up with you soon! 🏴‍☠️

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