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Send That Message: My Music Event Photography Story

Let me share a life-changing moment that started with an Instagram message, pushing me into music event photography. Despite doubts, hitting ‘send’ opened doors to capturing magic and personal growth. Lesson learned: taking risks can bring amazing opportunities.

Hey there, fellow! 

Today, I want to share with you an experience that probabily changed my life. It all started with a simple Instagram message where I asked to join the photographers’ team at the Poplar Festival in Trento.

To be honest, I never thought music event photography could be my thing. Doubt and uncertainty held me back for a while. 

But that day, I mustered the courage to hit “send,” and it changed everything.

The response – beyond my expectations – was positive. I found myself capturing magical moments, surrounded by incredible creative minds that were part of the photography team with me.

And yea now I truly bealive that, that one simple message led me to a world I had never imagined.

Looking back, I’m amazed by how a small action could have such a significant impact.

Foto di Edoardo Meneghini

It taught me a valuable lesson: stepping out of your comfort zone can lead to extraordinary places, and you might just discover a world that becomes your home.

So, I encourage you to take that leap into the unknown. 

Send that message.

Just wanted to drop a heartfelt thank you for reading my article! I know it was short, but I really wanted to keep the message to the point. I hope you found it helpful or enjoyable in some way.

More exciting stuff coming your way, so stay tuned! Thanks again for being a reader!

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