Why do I opt for a vintage editing style for my photos?

Exploring the vintage essence in my photography style sparks a question: what’s the allure? Amid the modern marvel of my mirrorless camera, a classic touch entices me during editing. Grain, haze, softness – why? It’s about resonating with a past era’s charm. In this creative realm, rules blend with imaginative freedom, letting each photo tell its story. It’s not the ‘whys’ that matter, but the artful journey itself.

Vintage editing style.

Why does the vintage vibe hold such fascination? Or to put it plainly, why am I so drawn to it? Lately, I’ve been mulling over this question, especially because I’ve noticed something in my photos – that old-school charm, that vintage look.

Here’s the twist: I’ve got this fancy camera, a modern marvel that’s all about auto this and mega that.
But when I’m at my computer, tinkering with the photos, I’m all about that classic touch. I want to give them a timeless feel, like they’ve been around the block.

This isn’t a new thing for me. I remember starting to add that grainy effect to shots that honestly didn’t need it. But there’s just something about that old-timey vibe that clicks with me.

Vintage Editing Style

Now, a bunch of questions pop up. Is this okay? Why not just use an old camera? Am I sort of cheating, creatively? And after a good think, here’s my take: I’m allowed.

Guess what? You are too. Photography is like doodling with light, and there aren’t strict rules about what’s right and wrong. Of course, we need to be fair and square, but there’s also room to let the creative genie out of the bottle.

For me, a bunch of my pictures are all about that vintage feel. I’m all in for adding grain, maybe a little haze, softening bits here and there, or throwing in a touch of that sun-flare effect. And why not?

The thing is, there’s no clear answer.

So, during my editing show, I’m making my pictures look just how I like. It’s like picking out the colors for a painting – it’s about what feels good. 

And in this artsy world, the answers aren’t the main thing; it’s the making that really counts.

Vintage Editing Style

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Thanks for reading, and catch you next time!

These photos were captured during the Poplar Festival of 2022.

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